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Fasting Day 13

13 June 2008

Hello everyone – easy to tell what day it is on the fast, since I started on the 1st. Today’s the thirteenth, and I’m down to 234 pounds. It’s astounding the difference in consciousness and body consciousness you feel when you drop 30 pounds. I find myself more alert, and calmer. I’m also getting a decent amount of exercise these days, with daily walks of 1-2 miles, and I’m about to head off for my Friday yoga class, which always kicks my ass. It’s been a couple of weeks, so it should be interesting to get folks’ reaction to my different appearance. One thing I’m starting to realize as I shed the pounds is just how thin I really am underneath all this bulk. I mean, I’m just not an athletic kinda guy, and my arms and legs are kinda small once you remove all the fat. I don’t do the muscle building necessary to justify my apparent frame, and it’ll be interesting how I redefine myself after this is through. I’ve always seen myself as a ‘big’ guy, so if I’m not fat, I’ve got to be muscle-bound – those are the options for big guys, right? Well – what if I’m neither? What if I’m actually kind of a thinner guy, with longer muscles instead of thick powerful ones? I remember in high school being better at long-distance running than sprinting, and I’ve never really been all that strong. I mean, I’m ‘guy’ strong, but I’m not a weight lifter. Maybe I’m a thin yoga guy. Hmm… In order to stay that way, however, I’m gonna have to be much more athletic. I love to hike, and to walk – these things actually come pretty easily to me. And doing it every day has been a tremendous boon to my body healing. The thing that’s been tripping me out the most, however, is my relationship to sleep. Without the caffeine, I’m completely subject to the affects of my normal cycle, and I’m requiring 7-8 hours of sleep every night now. If I don’t get it, I totally feel it the next day, and I don’t even consider it to be a question or option anymore. When it’s bedtime, I go. Sometimes I’m even in bed before Julie, which is just crazy talk. I also know that there is growing evidence between sleep deprivation and obesity, and well… I don’t want to be fat anymore, so I guess I just have to start sleeping. Okay, gotta run, talk to you all probably after the weekend – I’m taking Eli on a Cub Scout outting to sleep over on a square-rigged ship in the SF Bay, then it’s off to the Pirate festival on Sunday! Arrr….

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