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Crowdsourcing my Health Good habit #2: Accountability

22 June 2009

Well, let me just say that this first month has been a bit of a disaster. I’ve been nursing an injured Achilles tendon all month long, and my knee has also been giving me problems, plus my general lack of focus and finishing up the end of school with the kids has kept me from creating a healthy habit of daily exercise. I’ve gotten some in here and there, but it hasn’t been daily. I’ll be carrying this habit into this coming month, along with this month’s new habit. I know that the two magic ingredients of losing weight and getting healthy are increased exercise and healthier eating, and there are more formulas for healthy eating than there are things to eat. There have been so many suggestions from the Crowd on what to eat, what not to eat, what to avoid, what to include, that it’s been hard to sift through them all, and I felt it something that I need to claim for myself, instead of leaving it up to the crowd. Mostly, I need to own this whole process. I’ve been on prolonged fasts where I’ve taken in nothing but fruit and vegetable juices for nearly 3 months and did so with perfect willpower, and yet I have the hardest time avoiding the tasty fatty nasty things that I love to eat so well. I’ve read two books recently that have influenced my attitude about eating and diet extremely – the first is In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto
and the second is The End of Overeating: Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite, and each in their own way have caused me to seek a diet of whole foods with a minimum of processing, and to not sweat the particulars of what is high in carbs, what is high in fat, or protein, omega-16, or whatever and to trust the wisdom of our ancestors and our bodies to defend against the obesity epidemic that is such a modern contrivance, and has found its bloom at the same time as nutritionist science.
But first things first. What I need to do more than anything is to make myself aware of what it is that I’m eating, and once I get a sense of my natural habits, I can create rules for myself that make sense, that identify and deal with my individual eating ‘problems’, by replacing them with healthy habits. Right now, my objective is to keep a notebook and to record everything I eat this month, starting today. I have kept a record for the last week, however missing a few days here and there because I didn’t have my notebook on me. I need to be able to answer anyone’s questions: ‘What did you eat today’ and ‘What exercise did you do today?, even if the answer is ‘a vat of Cheetos’ and ‘sat on my butt and flipped channels’. I need to divorce my guilt from my reality, and stop hiding from the truth because I don’t like it.
So, I ask my public – help me in keeping track of my eating habits, and know that I’m trying to change my eating habits, so as I start to declare positive changes, help me follow through. Ask me what I’ve eaten today, or what I did for exercise. If I say ‘No more sweets after 8pm’, or ‘no more meat on tuesdays’, hold me to it.
So instead of polling everyone on what I should do, this month I just ask you to hold me to what I’ve decided to do. I do also need some suggestions for exercise that doesn’t involve putting stress on my Achilles or knees, as they are still healing and enflamed.
Wish me luck.

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