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May The Force Be With You (Always)

11 April 2005

Tonight I stayed up with my good friend Bert putting the final touches on a character rework for my Star Wars Role Playing Game character, Allean Dathsar, a Fringer and Jedi in training, come to the Rebel Alliance before the battle of Yavin, and has at this point risen in the ranks to commander, and is in special ops working secret missions with his good friend and Companion Jack, the captain of the Allasi. We started playing these characters about 15 years ago, originally in the West End Games rules version, and have converted them to D20 about five years ago, and then again to the newest version of the D20 rules tonight. The characters themselves have been out of game play for about 4-5 years themselves, and it seemed as if they were just delegated to distant fond memories, until I pulled the Jedi mind trick on Bert, the GM, and convinced him to start up the game again. I am really excited to play again, because I think we have all gained maturity as people and as players, and it will be rather interesting what we bring to the table now. When we started the game, we were all about 17-18 years old, and I remember making my character ‘a little older’, marking his age at 22 or 23. The character has aged to 25, but I am now 32. What was ‘an older character’ before, is now much younger than I am. I have gained wisdom beyond his years, and now I bring that to the game.

I honestly never expected to play these characters again, but they were marked in my memory as ‘best of class’, that shelf that you place maybe a handful of characters at, which in some way manifested beyond a mere extension of your personality, to have a tangible personality of their own. When you role play one of these caliber of characters, you lose yourself entirely and become that other person. Allean is definitely one of those characters. When the topic of playing the game started up again, I initially had concerns that I would have a hard time accessing this character, and his personality, but that fear is melting away as I pore over his stats and notes from previous games. He is whole, intact, inside my psyche, just waiting to act and be once again.

This time around, we’re adding in a third character to the dynamic duo, played by our good friend Ian. Ian has played star wars with us in the past, but the character he’ll be playing will be a new one, so Jack and Allean will have to come to terms at having a third in the group that is relatively new. I have complete trust in both Bert and in Ian to pull this off, and I’m excited to meet this new member of the team.

Unless you’re a gamer, this might be a bit of an inaccessible post, but this is much like meeting up with an old friend, or reading a story you loved as a kid and finding out there’s a sequel — the nostalgia washes over you in waves, and the excitement of meeting that friend / story again, the anticipation at the next meeting, is energizing. I’m all fired up to play.