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Mediocre Mead Reception

15 January 2009

Today I went to Cowgirl Creamery to have the manager sample my mead, with perhaps the prospect of having it sold in the shop, but I’m pretty sure he was underwhelmed. He seemed to warm to my Blackberry Flower, but didnt’ like the Orange Blossom. He found several ways to judiciously tell me he wasn’t interested. I know I make a fantastic product, really best of class for meads, but not everyone is a mead drinker. I don’t think he’s going to carry it, at least not right now. I think it’s his loss, really, but you can’t account for taste.
No matter – on better news, when dropping by the winery today, Paul was meeting with a wine shop owner, and he loved my mead and will be carrying it very soon at Double Crossed Wines. The online shop isn’t open yet, but should be soon.

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