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Releasing back into the work week

4 January 2009

Hello my friends,
Here it is, another day gone, and as I sit here typing out the final minutes of January 4th, and looking down the double-barrels of the coming week, I realize I’ve got more going on this month than I had last month, and it’s got me a little anxious. Julia’s 40th birthday is coming up, and at the end of the month we go to Hawaii for 2 weeks, plus we have a big client site due this month, and much has be done on it before it’s ready to go. I’ve got some bad thing going on with my arm that started as a pull or something from trying to do push-ups (stupid health stuff), and it’s just been on-and-off again bad until about 3 days ago, when it started hurting a whole lot. Tomorrow I go and see my chiropractor to see if there’s anything he can do to help, and if not, it’s off to the allopathic practitioner (i.e. Doctor).
So, not a lot to say today other than, it’s been a busy social December, and it proves to be the same for January as well, so I’ll try to get done what I can, and not kill myself in the process.

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