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Fasting day 18, going strong

18 June 2008

Today is day 18, I’m weighing in at 231 (yesterday I broke the set point at 233), and I finally feel like my fundamental body shape is changing. The dominant belly is really reducing (tho I have at least 10-15 more pounds to go before it’s dramatically different). I find that I am waking up immediately in the mornings, and my body isn’t heavy, and I’m not as clumsy as I used to be. Every cell is up and at attention. I’m starting also to get so far into the fast, that I’m having problems remembering to take my fluids at times, and it might be two or three hours past my assigned time that I finally remember to get something to drink. Mornings are always easier than the evenings as far as my mental boredom with the items in my juice bag, and drinking the veggie broth is always the worst. However, I went to Cafe Gratitude for the first time last night with a friend, and it was pretty cool in their selection of different inventive juices (and foods – gonna try it out when I’m eating again). Found out there’s one in San Rafael, so I won’t even have to go that far (though the one in the city is pretty cool).
On the doggie front, Tomo is back at home and recovering, though she’s not liking to take her medication. Her throat got all raw from both the barfing and from the tubes they had down her throat, so she’s unhappy with anything we force her to eat. Only time now will heal the wounds, and with the surgery, we’re fairly assured that this particular thing won’t happen again.

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