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Fasting Day 20

20 June 2008

Today I am on day 20 of the fast, and I weighed in at 229 (did yesterday as well, but I suspect yesterday was nearer 230, and today was nearer 228) – feeling great, and there is something magical about crossing the day 20 mark. My consciousness is bright and clear, and today’s yoga class kicked major ass. After my best inversions ever, I was running around like I was buzzed on a triple espresso (just ask Julie!). Today I’ve felt fantastic, and revving for the world. This weekend Julie and I are going to Napa for the weekend, where we will enjoy luxurious spa treatments and take a hot air balloon ride in celebration of our 13th wedding anniversary (June 18th).
We’re heading out after dinner tonight, so I’ll make contact if I can, but if not, you’ll get my update on Monday!

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