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Base Jumping into Entrepreneural Life

12 March 2008

Hey there,
It’s been a few weeks since we last spoke, and much has happened between now and then (besides the death of our beloved hero, Gary Gygax – you have effected generations of gamers, and we will miss you) in the life of yours truly.
I think last time I talked about leaving my current job, there was a question to what my employer would do about either keeping me on half-time or taking me on as a contractor, etc. As is turns out, my employer for their own reasons decided not to accept my offer of half-time, and I had to make the choice to put in my two weeks. That two weeks came to a conclusion this last Monday, and now I am on my own (with Julia, of course) in the world of entrepreneurial endeavors.
As much as it would have been nice to take a vacation, I’ve hit the ground running, as we have current clients that need our attention. I’ve been working non-stop yesterday, and today, and it looks like the chute is beginning to open as I take the leap off the cliff of perceived security. I’ve got tons of paperwork to fill out still, and financial details to put in order, but the truth is, we are doing business. Between web clients and working on the Pachyderm 2.1.0 project, I should be plenty busy into the near future. Julia continues to bring in the clients, so we’re doing just fine. Very soon, we have to get more team and start bringing in HTML coders, CSS hackers, and PHP programmers. Know anyone that’s looking for contract work?
So, things are good. I’m going to try to incorporate more regular blogging into my schedule, perhaps in the mornings like this, so I can make sure to get my mind clear and refreshed before I dive into my day of work.
Until then, here’s to being your own boss and working in your pajamas 24/7!

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