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Hello again Blogosphere! I’m baa-a-a-a-a-ck!

13 November 2008

Hello folks,
After a large haitus, I’m rededicating myself to be back on the blog wagon. I may not always have a lot to say, but I need to have the daily outlet and the platform to talk about what’s on my mind these days, because, frankly I’m doing a lot. My wife and I have been running a web business now for over a year ( and we’ve been doing very little marketing, because we’ve been overwhelmed and just trying to finish the things in the pipeline right in front of us. Now, we’ve taken the plunge to get an office and hire employees, and so it’s really important for me to start to get myself out there, and I think that getting my blogging skills back up again is going to be a key factor of that. Not that I’m going to use my personal blog as a platform to promote my business, but rather, having the daily output of ‘what i am doing’ will drive my ability to write better copy and to blog in a professional capacity on our business blog. So, it’s the morning and I have to get to business needs, but I thought I would drop a line and say ‘hello again’.
Also, let me leave you with things little fun nugget:
Click to see my Star Wars Personality!!

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