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Caught between Anxiety and Exhaustion

8 January 2009

I can’t wait for this week to end. I’m freaked out that this week is almost over. I am going through constant waves of anxiety around the amount of tasks that have piled up around me in the wake of the mighty issues with the ONE CLIENT that aren’t being resolved sufficiently. My designer is evidently at the verge of melt-down, and if I don’t fix THE PROBLEM, nobody will. I’m unable to get on top of my business, and I’m unable to engage with other concerns, because this is all-encompassing, and the truth is, I am about to have a stroke with the pressure that’s on me.
My only reward has been escapism, and the escapism has kept me up at night (or kept me company while I couldn’t sleep) to the tune of 2 am to 4 am every night this week. I’m about to explode, collapse, expire. I need my shabbat, no matter what does or doesn’t get done.
I can’t talk much about the details of the issues, frankly because I don’t want to alarm the client if they happen to be reading my blog. I’m sure it’s something we can fix, but right now it’s driving everyone mad, and it’s a serious show-stopper. I’m about ready to call in external help.
I need to take a shower, as I haven’t in days. I need to sleep soon, or else I risk collapse. And yet, the work lay in front of me, taunting me.

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