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April Fool’s Resolution – No More Fooling Around

1 April 2010

I’m an entrepreneur, whether I like it or not. I am co-running a web solutions company, I am creating and selling mead commercially, and I am looking to start a business and career based in using role playing games in education, and yet… I find myself watching TV late at night almost every night, and I am not doing the legwork necessary for even one of these businesses to truly be successful, much less all three. I am literally wasting 2-3 hours a night that I could be using building my businesses, and I need to switch my priorities. I should be reading trade books and blogs, I should be blogging, cross-posting, reviewing, and generating content and value.

So, it is my resolution to outlaw TV during the week. That’s right, from Sunday night through to the weekend, there is to be no TV. I have a DVR, and all the shows worth watching are being recorded. So I might have a marathon on Friday and Saturday nights – that’s where it belongs. And eventually, I might find that I fall behind and I can’t keep up on all of the external media. That’ll be just fine, if I find I’m really moving my dreams forward.

So folks, I’m looking to you all for support. Help keep me on track – instead of asking me if I watched that episode of Lost, ask me what I did this week to further my business goals and my personal dreams. I’d much rather answer that question, and it’s liable to be a much more interesting conversation.

Thanks all, here’s seeing you on the other side of the passive media divide!

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