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Day 36 – Camp Counselor Crush

I am not sure how many of you have experienced what it is to go to a sleep-away camp when you’re a kid, much less a Christian sleep-away camp, but there are very transformative powers in effect that change who you are, and change the trajectory of your becoming. One of the archetypical moments that may occur for a camper is the ‘camp counselor crush’ – this is not a sexual or romantic event, but is sometimes more powerful and dangerous, as the camper imprints on the counselor, and finds that they must be around them and with them all the time, without exclusion. Whether it’s because the counselor becomes a surrogate parent, or perhaps a surrogate self, the effect can be overwhelming for the camper, and unnerving for the counselor. Meet my camp counselor crush for my 7th to 8th grade year (I think) – the date on the picture is misleading, as it would mark me as 15, but I am far younger than that in this shot. I’m guessing the date represented a development of a far older role of film, misplaced and rediscovered around the time printed on the back of the photo. I don’t remember this guys name, or really very much about him, other than I really had to be around him, and having him skillfully but not without letting his discomfort bleed through the veneer of his calm exterior, extricate himself from what could be a dangerous relationship. Poor guy, hope he’s well. Have no idea where he is or what he’s up to… wonder if I can find him now… LOL.

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