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Day 32 – Trip to England

Today I have a small slice of photos from my first trip to England, with my grandparents and my uncle Steve. Strangely, I don’t have many shots with me in them, but these I do have. The first I am posing with my great grandpa Heath (my grandmother’s father), who I met for the first and only time on that trip. He was suffering from fairly advanced emphysema and found it difficult to walk or move much, and he was still a heavy smoker, I think (it looks like he’s holding a cigarette in his hand right here).

The second shot is playing cards with my great grandma (Nan, as we would call her), Steve, and another relative that I don’t recall her name, while we were staying out at a manor house in Essex. Lovely time, but hard for a young boy to be cooped up in the countryside for so long. I had a romantic idea of what the trip to England would be, and I wanted to see castles and Stonehenge, not manicured lawns and cards, but I still had an awesome time.

The third shot is from within the manor house, while Steve shoots a candid shot of me in my pajamas. Dude, so uncool! 🙂

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