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Day 28 – School Photos of Late Grade School

It’s technically early Monday morning, and the last week of my sons’ school for the year, as well as the final school year in grade school for my eldest. Thus, in honor of this, and the end of my fourth week of posts, I give you the school photos from what I think are 4th, 5th and 6th grade. I was definitely what you would call a round boy, and some of these photos are just stunningly charming. From the shot in my Ocean Pacific wear (had a lot of those shirts), to my awesome plaid shirt, to my ‘Grimmer Bear Fever’ shirt, I am the charming 80’s boy. I see a lot of Eli in these shots, tho neither of my boys have my blonde hair of that age.

So thus ends my first month of the project, and the first ten years of my life, roughly speaking. Next month I’ll take us on a journey from 10 to 20, including my high school years, so get ready, friends, you’re gonna be in some of these shots!

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