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Day 26 – Christmas, A Study in Preference

Today we take a look at Christmas gifts and childhood preference. My parents didn’t necessarily have a lot of cash growing up, and consequently Christmas time was the time of year that I got a good deal of my wardrobe replenished from grandparents and other relatives (see sweater), and when all the really expensive and cool presents were given (even more than my birthday, Christmas was the granddaddy of big hauls). That being said, my relatives didn’t always get it right, and a lot of times I had to just grin and bear it, and show gratitude for items that I didn’t really love.

Take this sweater, for example. Every kid gets the ugly sweater (this one wasn’t too bad, but it was definitely ‘alpine’) and you are obliged not only to hold it up for the camera as an immortalization of the lovely present, but you’re expected to put it on and be happy immediately. I accomplished most of this dutiful obligation.

Next set of shots are an example of when a kid gets what he wants (see space video game) and what he really doesn’t want (football video game). I was just not a sports kid. Both shots got smiles, but one was definitely more awesome than the other.

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