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Day 21 – Riverway Ranch Camp

Today’s pictures will be a few snapshots of me at Riverway Ranch Camp, a summer camp in the central valley that I would attend with my uncle Steve every year, from the age of 9 or 10 until the age of 12 or 13 – I can’t remember the exact ages, but I do remember in detail what I did while there, and I remember it being life-changing. I was a socially awkward kid that didn’t always make friends well, and I was far too sensitive for the hazing and abuse that the rich kids that attended this camp could dish out, but I did attach to counselors and had a great time playing with horses and sail boats, fishing, motorcycles, rifles, and singing hippy songs around the camp fire. I danced the Time Warp for the first time at Riverway, and waterski’d for the very first time as well. One year, I even flew into camp on a propeller plane (my Grandfather’s plane). It was a blast.

The first shot is of me with my very first God’s Eye (such a typical camp activity), and the second shot is of my sister and me standing out by the big tree in the central meeting area. I hope I can find more pictures of this camp, because it was so important to my childhood.

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