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Day 18 – Yard Shots

Alright, another week has gone by – please forgive me. I’ve been distracted again, first by Kublacon and then by strep throat. Tonight, I hope to get the bulk of my missed days up on the site.

Today’s shots are me in the front yard again. The first shot is me on the big wheel giving a big salute to mom or dad (probably mom, she took most of the pictures, I think). Right-o captain, I’m off for a ride! The second shot is just another shot on the big wheel, a bit blurry but still kinda cute (Dang, that Dutch-boy haircut!)

The next few shots of me in my stripey shirt are more cute Dutch-boy shots. The first is a simple pose for the camera, and in the second, I appear to be doing some sort of interpretive gesture, perhaps a pretend arrow from the quiver? No clue.

The last shot in this sequence is another overall Huck Finn fishing shot. Never gets old.

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