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Day 13 – Tahoe, Snow and uh-oh!

Well, it’s been a crazy week, with Maker Faire last weekend, the family getting sick with strep, and trying to prepare for Kublacon this coming weekend, so I haven’t been timely with the photo uploads. Today I’ll try to make up for lost time and put up what I missed.

Today I am showing you some shots from Tahoe, or at least Tahoe-related. My greater family (my mom’s side) would head up to Tahoe every year and my grandfather rented the same ‘Cabin’ (read ski lodge) which was awesomely located on the back side of Alpine Meadows ski resort. This meant for us to go skiing for the day, all we needed to do is get suited up, throw on our skis, and head out the back door. We’d do a little cross-country until we got to the Sherwood Forest ski lift, and take it up and over the mountain into the main resort. We’d ski all day, then head back over the hill and ski right to the back door of the cabin. No parking, no hassle, just fun. It was truly awesome, and I don’t anyone really appreciated what we had until we stopped going.

The first few shots are of me in at 5 years old, the year I finally started taking ski lessons. My mom circled  me coming down the hill in one of the pictures. The kid next to me is my Uncle Steve.

The next set of pictures are from a few years later, when my sister is no more than 3 or 4 years old, I think. My sister and I are throwing snowballs at each other, waiting in some parking lot, for reasons I have forgotten.

The one thing I firmly remember, however, are the stupid puffy ski suits we had to wear in order to keep warm and dry for a full day of snow fun. There’s a shot of me trying to adjust my goggles, standing in the living room of the cabin. There isn’t a shot of it, but the cabin had an awesome sunken-in fireplace surrounded by seats, and a big metal chimney with an ‘A’ on the side – it stood for the name of the owners ‘Almonds’, or ‘Ahmans’ – I never knew, but I always imagined it stood for ‘Archer’. The cabin also had pong for the TV. Very cool.

There’s a shot of me in there sitting smiling among relatives – very nice catch.

And of course, the nice final shot is me with my broken leg, next to a neighbor who also broke his leg. I broke mine skiing, my neighbor broke his from a motorcycle accident. There’s a funny story about me breaking my leg, and all of it getting caught on video camera, but I’ll leave the telling to another time.






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