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Day 12 – Cousins, Church and Clowns

Today’s first shot is of me visiting my Wyoming cousins, Mark and Karen Marcus. At least I think they were in Wyoming at the time. I vaguely remember driving through the Rockies as a concept as a kid, but I don’t have any real sense memories, other than I think there was snow. There’s no snow in this shot, so maybe we went there more than once, or maybe it snowed while we were there. I believe Jackson Hole was the location, but I’ll leave that to others to confirm or deny.

The second shot is in our front yard, hanging out with Aaron and Justin Archer, two of my absolutely favorite cousins growing up – they were closest to my age, and hanging out with them was lots of fun. At some point in our growing up, my uncle Doug was estranged from them, and by proxy so were the rest of our family. I remember missing them a whole lot, and I haven’t worked hard enough to establish a better relationship with them as an adult, but I really should. I have seen them both as adults, but they live in different states, and I don’t find myself out their way too often.

The third shot in this series is me sitting on the side of a ditch dug into the parking lot next to our church. I do actually remember this, my dad was helping work on a water main or something nuts like that, and I was hanging out and watching him work. I did a lot of hanging out and watching my dad work as a kid – it’s the only way I got much of a chance to hang out with him, because he was always working – either working on cars, or working on things for the church, or working on our house. Not a lot of just play time in our household. This is why I try so hard to play with my kids whenever I can, but I am not perfect nor do I judge my dad too harshly – at least he had me with him, which is a lot more than I can say of my workaholic tendencies whenever they show up. The truth is, I wish that my dad and I had a closer, more fun-centric relationship as I was growing up, and I believe he does as well, but as adults we’re doing as well as we can. I do wish we could spend more quality time together, and more importantly, I wish that he and my mom could spend more time with our kids, because I think that they would truly enjoy one another.

This last shot is a weird one, and to tell you the truth, I’m not 100% convinced this is even me in the photograph. I have a strong suspicion that this was a shot of my neighbor, Billy (it looks like him), but I desperately want this shot to be of me with some weird and forlorn clown driving a mini car in some weird parking lot. I don’t remember this shot at all, and so I will leave it to my parents to resolve the debate.

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