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Day 11 – Kindergarten, Family Photos, Ferries

18 May 2012

Today we’ll start off with a cute family photo, probably from Sears, with my mom looking not much older than a child herself, my Dad is definitely a young man, and I’ve got some scary Dutch-boy wings going on with that haircut! Brandi is young enough to have her dark hair she was born with (it turned blonde like mine soon after). I did some color treatment on both of these pictures, though not the same treatment. I’m liking the darker one better right now.

After the family shots, we have a few pictures from the playground at my elementary school on my first day. My mom kept me pretty close as a little boy, and never having gone to preschool, I was pretty shy of other kids. I didn’t really have a feel for how to play well with others, and was happier on the slide all by myself than trying to engage with the other kids, who are in the classroom at this point. The shots are pure gold on the ’70’s nostalgia meter, with the cars, the clothes, and even the sky feels like it’s from the ’70’s.

Next is one of two shots labeled ‘Kindergarten’ in the collection, so I’ll buy that it’s in the ballpark. I have my baby teeth here, so I’m guessing it’s the beginning of the year. Love that striped shirt!

Last, we have a quick photo of me waving from the prow of a car ferry we rode while on one of our many trips to Washington’s Puget Sound area. We had family up there (my dad’s aunt and uncle, cousins and periodically his mother and other family members), and we used to drive up once or twice a year in our beat-up green Ford Van, which had two front seats, no back seats, a slab of carpet on the ground, and sometimes no cover for the engine. It certainly wouldn’t pass seat belt laws today, but it was a lot of fun for a young family that didn’t know any better.