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Day 10 – Weddings and Suspenders

Weddings. They bring out the best in outfits, especially in the ’70’s. It looks like I’m a leprechaun here, or transported from the Swiss Alps. Doe, a Deer a Female Deer! And yet, an adorable shot of me. Top of the mornin’ to ya! This is labeled ‘Debby’s wedding’, so I am guessing this is for my aunt Debby.

The next shot I am caught hovering in front of a wedding cake, but this is for a different wedding. The photograph is labeled ‘Karen and Bill’s Wedding’, but I can’t tell you who those people are. I apologize if they’re relatives, I just don’t have a full grasp on all of my cousins, second cousins, etc.

One more shot of the wedding cake, this time my dad is keeping guard to make sure I don’t snake a piece of frosting. Looks like another little boy has the same idea.

Three more shots follow of me posing with my suspenders, and my lunchbox. Gotta love the Dutchboy haircut.

The final shot I’m kicking it in my swim trunks in somebody’s yard – I’m not sure who.

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