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Day 7 – Big Sur

14 May 2012

Today I take a little excursion into family camping, of sorts, with a few shots of my folks and I visiting Big Sur and Carmel with out-of-town cousins of my mom. I’ve already put these up on Facebook and gotten a little bit of background from my dad on the who’s and where’s, so this is less of a mystery than when I started (which is part of the point of this entire exercise). In the first shot here, you see my dad and I hanging out on a fence with someone snapping a photo of us from miles away (I am guessing my mom, since I don’t see her in any of the shots – good going, dad!) You can’t really see what my dad is drinking in his hand, but I can guarantee it’s not a beer. Most likely a Dr. Pepper.

Second shot is with my Dad and my mom’s cousins (Mike, Colleen, Barbara) and me. My dad’s giving the peace sign – such a hippie (or is he trying to give Mike rabbit ears in the photo?) Looks like a beautiful day in 70’s paradise.

Third shot is my dad and I on the beach in Carmel. I’m sitting on his back, enjoying the what appears to be a cloudy dad, sweater on.

Fourth shot is the group again on the beach – you know it’s the seventies from not only the bell bottoms, but also the mustaches. Now, sadly, they are the domain of motorcycle cops and happy friends in the Castro. Or historical actors.

Well, that finishes up week one of my journey, and I’ve taken us up through around age 4 or 5. Next week you’ll see more school-age photos and I’ll be growing up before your eyes.