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Slide Fidelity

Sorry I’m a day late, but yesterday I was out to a concert and I didn’t get time to get this off while it was still Friday, so today I’ll post twice to catch up.

Today we will be exploring the glory of slides. It seems that in the 70’s, it was very popular to develop film into slide format for projection on the wall, and my parents were no different in this respect. Every once in a while they’d develop out their film as slides, and I have to tell you, the fad has paid off in preserving the color and luminosity of these shots. Unlike much of the other faded paper I had to deal with and try to adjust in Photoshop, the most I had to do with these slides were try to touch up some of the damage and increase the luminosity to correct for the scanner.

I happen to like this little battle cry as one of my favorite in this series.

Then, there is the tired and skeptical look that I still have today. Really?!

As you can see, I’m pretty damned cute in my brown denim coat. The smiles are free and the laughter is complete. I still see some of these expressions in myself today, but it’s so wonderful to see them unburdened with the scars of living a life. I have a feeling I’m looking off-camera here at someone I love, and a second person is taking the shots. Is it mom and dad, or someone else? I’m not sure. What’s plain is that whoever is taking these shots is using a pretty nice camera – something that will allow for a narrow depth of focus, which means an SLR, which I know my parents never owned. They had a polariod camera, and some fixed lense plastic body cameras, but as far as I can recall, never an SLR. Maybe this was Bob taking the shots, or someone else with a nice camera.           Then, there is the tired and skeptical look that I still have today. Really?!

These are all very cute shots and I chose not to break up the set, but I don’t have a lot of witty things to say about them.












This next set was probably taken on a different day, playing near my dad's white truck (I can assume only).


























This is a goofy shot.







And this is a shot of me zoned out. I've still got this one from time to time.



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