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Day 6 – Tennis, Twins, and Terroir

13 May 2012

Larry's house.

Another day, another collection of adorable photos. It’s a bit of a hodge-podge of photos and locations, but let me try to make sense of what we’re looking at.

Still Larry's house

The first picture is taken at our neighbor’s house on our street growing up, Larry. I think his wife’s name was Pat, but mostly I remember Larry as the brash and kinda prickly neighbor that was building a plane in his garage, and talked to my dad about cars constantly. My dad used to hang out with him on the street, and I’d hang out too. Larry had two kids, one son in his teens that was into robotics, and one daughter that used to babysit me from time to time and who gave me a full set of Wizard of Oz first printing books (which I promptly crayoned in and trashed. Such a shame. Sigh). The second shot is the same porch, little me posing for a photo. The third photo is me inside the same house, opening the door to go home.

The fourth picture in the set, along with the fifth are labeled as being at ‘Donna’s’ house in the central valley. The pictures are of a beautiful little yard, fence with a sun gate, and what appear to be grape vineyards in the background. Don’t remember being there, but these pictures have been kicking around for a long time, and I’ve seen them lots, so I start to form false memories of the location, even though I’m certain I don’t have any real memories. Our brains are funny things.

Time to leave Larry's house!

The next few shots are of my Grandpa John (I think) and his twin brother, my Great Uncle Jim. Sadly, Jim is no longer with us, but he was a loving and passionate man that I always enjoyed visiting, except the one time he threw me in the pool thinking it’d teach me to swim, but what it did was create a deep phobia of water that lasted for the next 6 years. He always had ice cream cake for his birthday. Mmmm yum!

The next shot is of me finger painting in our front yard. My parents used to have powdered tempera paint that we’d mix with water and paint on butcher paper. This was one of my favorite activities as a kid. Thanks, mom, for being so artistic with me.

Sun gate at Donna's

The last three pictures are of me hanging out on the tennis court (actually, I think it’s set up for badminton, with the net so high) outside of my grandparents’ house. Totally seventies tank top and bitchin’ glasses. Woot!










Who is this? I don't think it's my mom...














Is this my grandpa John or his brother Jim?













This is my great uncle Jim, for certain.













Fingerpainting Rocks!


Dude, check out the cool glasses!

















Now I must ponder the significance of the game of tennis...














I conclude that the game is meaningless.


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