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Day 4 – Uncle Steve

11 May 2012

Today I’m including some pictures that feature my Uncle Steve, who, because of particular circumstances, is a year younger than I am. I’ve been a little more flexible with age here, just to group the shots, but in general, we’re still in the 0 to 3 years old territory.

Here’s a shot of Steve and I hanging by the pool with my uncle Bob (dig that Italio-fro!) I hope I’m not breaking any weird naked laws or taboos, seeing that the photo is of *ME*, but I think I’ll blur out the naughty bits for the Facebook publish. Back in the ’70’s, we used to just think naked children were cute, without worrying about depravity. What I truly appreciate are Steve’s stylish black golashes, as he works on his trike.

Here’s Steve and I in a playpen (my mom’s head is in the shot), and I totally remember this playpen. It was a safe place for me, and I loved rubbing my face up against the netting. Of course the construction wouldn’t pass current muster (too many places to pinch fingers), but it’s the same basic idea as the pack-‘n’-go’s of today. In this shot, you see Steve contemplating the phone call I’m making to God.

In another shot of framing creativity, here’s my aunt Debby pushing Steve and I around in a wheelbarrow (or perhaps just posing with a wheelbarrow) in front of our house, before the chain link fence was installed to keep my sister in the yard. While Debby is showing a specific amount of teen ennui with the whole situation, and Steve is somewhat nonplussed, I’m apparently having a great time. Who know wheelbarrows could be such fun? I also kept as an artifact one of the curved corners of the shot, to give a nod to the kodak square fomat – I think this must have been shot with 110 film out of one of the old plastic cameras that took the flash cubes. No flashes needed on this day.

In another astounding experiment in framing, we have Steve and I hanging out with my uncle Graham. I can only guess that the person taking the photo wanted to get the picture on the wall in the frame as well as the human subjects. I tried to work with the contrast on this washed out and aged photo, but I just can’t make out what I’m holding up to my hands. It’s some sort of box, and I think it might be a toy camera (I’m taking a picture of the person taking a picture of me). I’m lovin’ the 70’s hair and shirt open to the mid-chest going on here. Lookin’ good, Graham!



I think whomever is taking these shots has a preference for putting long expanses of wall into the photos. I’m not sure if there was something interesting out the glass window, or if they were hoping to catch themselves in the reflection, but all we see is the bright flash floating somewhere above our heads. I’ve got the same shirt on as in the shot above, so I am guessing this is the same day. The handsome man on the couch next to us is my grandfather Yale, probably in his late thirties or early forties here, eating one of his signature Red Vine licorices. This is obviously a candid shot, no pose set up, and grandpa is watching the both of us be cute.

Here’s a shot of me hamming it up for the camera, blocking Steve in the shot. I’m sportin’ the awesome cookie monster shirt (my favorite muppet of all time), and showing off my big melon head. Dig those groovy pants, man! Even for kid pants, those are particularly Mr. Furley. Golf, anyone?




Now we enter the dinner table picture series, which turns out to be a common theme in pictures featuring me and Steve. Love the vintage Kraft Parmesan cheese canisters on the table – we must have been eating spaghetti (a favorite in the grandparents dinner repertoire.) Those groovy flower candle holders would be quite stylish today, however – I wonder where those went. I’ve got the Prince Valiant haircut going on here, holding what appears to be a giant fork in my hand. I wonder what kind of wine we’re drinking?



Another cute shot of Steve and I (who, may I mark, was called ‘Steven’ as a kid) as we chow down on what appears to be birthday cake for one of us. Hard to tell, but I think it might be a giant tiramisu hiding beneath the pothos on the table.








OH, THERE’S THE CAMERA! I found the place to pose with a goofy smile. Steve obviously things that’s amusing. What’s interesting about these shots is that I get to see my grandparents’ house again after years and years. My parents used to spend a considerable amount of time over visiting because Steve was a perfect playmate, and this house became like a second home to me. I still remember the walk up the hill to the pool, the lawn that used to have old ratchet-style sprinkler heads, the long hall that was perfect for playing cars down, beds that I jumped on, hills I played on, trees I climbed. We got into a lot of trouble, Steve and I, but always had a good time.