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Day two – infancy

9 May 2012

Here’s day two – late in the day, I know, but I’ve been busy. Today I will look at a few early pictures pulled from the shoebox that show me at a very young age – not sure exactly how young, but before walking, for certain.

I’m not certain where this photo was taken, but I’m obviously sacked out on the couch after a long day of being a baby. It happens. I don’t have a lot to say here, other than wow, look at that 70’s furniture and decor! Flat leather couch with absolutely no cushioning, an earth-tone knit throw pillow, and the generic painting of some French-inspired alleyway, I’m guessing. I think this must be my grandparents’ house, as the next picture of the series seems to depict the same couch. The picture has a flaw right on my side, so that’s not some crazy smoke monster coming to get me – it’s just photo damage.


This is a shot of me with my mom, my grandfather John, and my great grandmother (whose name escapes me at the moment – Mom, Dad, help me out). I’m pretty zoned out and baby-like, but so is my grandpa. My mom is 17 in this shot, so I have a feeling my grandpa is … about my age in this shot, or perhaps even younger. Totally weird to think about. Perhaps that look is one of shock, like ‘I can’t believe I’m actually a grandpa!’, or ‘how did I let this happen?!?’, but maybe I’m just projecting. In truth, my grandpa was pretty awesome (and still is, but he lives in Vegas and I never get to see him. I should call. I’m a bad grandson), and I have memories of hanging out with him and my grandma Bev a whole bunch when I was a wee child. I know my great grandmother didn’t live very much past this time in my life, but I’m glad she got to see a grandchild from my mom before she moved on. I wish I knew you better.

And here’s me with my dad. Nice mountain-man beard and hippy hair, dad. My poor grandparents had no idea what they were getting in you. Fortunately, you are a great man with excellent ethics and a great capacity for love, both to mom and to your children. How old are you in this shot, 28? 29? You had no idea what you were getting into either. But right there, that’s a shot of pride. You’re extremely happy to be a daddy, and I’m glad that I could oblige in my participation to that fact :). Oh by the way, groovy pants man – paisley velour, or corduroy? I also have that belt – stole it a long time ago for a ren fair costume and never gave it back. Don’t think either of us fits into it any longer :).