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Learning to Fly

11 December 2009

For those who know me, it’s no secret that the last few months have been both the hardest and the most transformational of my entire life. I’m facing aspects of myself that have been with me almost my entire life, and are finally coming out to be noticed and counted, and finally (hopefully) resolved.
As a part of my ever-growing activities to heal myself in both body and mind, I went to an acupuncturist/nutritionist/Chinese Medical Practitioner yesterday, and it was an opening and affirming experience. Some of the things that are surfacing in my therapy were reflected and confirmed in her diagnosis, and some root causes that stretch all the way back to being 5 years old were evident in my current condition. Health history was read and confirmed through her observations, and I feel like I’m going to be in strong and able hands moving forward in my discovery of health and who I need to be in the world.
My first treatment was an interesting experience – I barely felt the ten needles that went into my body, some not at all, but as I sat there and allowed the treatment to do its work, I did feel a difference in my mood and my body feelings come over me, but what perhaps was the most surprising were the visions I started to have.
One strong vision, was my flying like a super-charged hawk up the face of a cliff, the edge of a mesa, until I reached the top and landed. I turned and looked back over the precipice down what appeared to be a mile or more of distance. It was as if I were at the top of the Empire State Building, leaning over the edge and staring down into the drop. Now, normally I have vertigo in such a situation, and I wouldn’t trust myself not to go toppling over the edge or feint or both. However, in my vision, I was unafraid and excited by the drop, and after staring over the edge for a time, I dived into the air and plummeted down the cliff face like those fly suit base jumpers, and cruised my way out and over the horizon.
Upon returning to reality, I felt as if a layer of carried fear had been lifted from me, and that I was somehow more integrated than before. An exciting first step into acupuncture healing, for certain. I’m not going to question the source or the nature of my experience — I will accept the gift, and move forward.
Sometime in the future, I know I have to go skydiving.

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