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Proud to be an American

21 January 2009

Today (before midnight) was Inauguration Day, and while I know the job has just begun for our new president, I am proud to have seen this day come to pass, and to have been an active part of his election. I donated more this year to Barack’s campaign than to all other political donations combined. I shared my thoughts and feelings on this candidate many times with many people, and while I didn’t make phone calls or go out into the streets, I was a part of this movement.
Now we have a President Obama in the White House. I’m exhaling, and I’m ready, so very ready, to engage with politics again, and to have this President get to work and lead our country out of despair and into prosperity. I’m ready to do what I personally need to do to help him, and to follow his leadership. I am looking forward to his press conferences, and his speeches. Oh, how dreamy, finally a President who is thoughtful, intelligent, reasoned and inspired to do good for all Americans. I look at this man and I see the very best that this country has to offer. No man is more deserving to be the leader of the free world in this day than Barack Obama.
And yet, there is so much to do, and he’s not even started yet. He’s got lots of ideas, has made these ideas and plans public, and is poised, but only now has the power been handed to him. I’m sure that the Republicans felt the same way when Bush was elected 8 years ago – there was such a negative energy towards the Clinton administration, that for the right, Bush was their every-man breath of fresh air. He was one of them, in the same way that Obama is one of us. The only difference, is that Obama has been on the presidential path and public stage for over two years, and in that time, he’s performed flawlessly, shown integrity and cool, shrewd intellect, and deep compassion. And he’s a man who understands working hard in times of hardship – he’s the exact right president for today’s times.
Thank you, Obama, for rising to the challenge and serving your country at a time that would make others quake in their boots and run for the hills.
Now, get to work! 🙂

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