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Relief in the Return to Routine

Tonight I went to Cub Scout round-up (adult meeting for Cub Scout leaders), and while I learned how to plan for a winter camp-out and how to cook Greek lemon soup and black bean & plantain tostada cups, I had a real sense of calm. I was able to move out of my work stress and my anxiety, and just enjoy the company of others in service of helping our kids. It’s nice to be back from vacation, and just get back into the swing of things. To get back into the pattern of my life, with all the little mundane regularities. Work stress has taken a lot out of me recently, and it’s gonna be hard for the next few weeks, and then we head out to Hawaii where I’m going to break my routine for another two weeks. I know that as fun as that will be, it’s likely to throw my schedule off even more and disrupt my work flow at time critical to pushing the business forward. Just thinking about it makes me a bit anxious. That’s how screwed up I am right now – a two week vacation in Maui is making me anxious.
Anyhow, I am taking each day at a time, and savoring the normalcy and calm of every recurring moment. I’ll check in tomorrow.

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