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The Midnight Run, or Day Two of 2009

Hello my friends, it is I blogging in the last minutes of January 2nd, 2009, and remembering the midnight runs to make the entries each day. Usually it means shorter entries with less depth, but something is better than nothing.
For tonight, I will merely comment that it’s the last day out at Stinson for my family and I, and it’s been just long enough. Today I was having serious I’m-done-with-this-vacation feelings. It’s not that I don’t enjoy being out here, or spending the time with family, but mostly I’m just feeling like life has to move forward, and I can’t be out of it any more.
For example, today we had some server slow-downs, and I had to manage all of the issues remotely, with my IT contractor in another country, and my employees waiting on me to fix the problem so they can continue to develop our clients’ websites, that are all tight on schedule at this point and need to be worked on over the weekend in order to meet our target deadline this week. I’m being forced by necessity into making some big business decisions around hosting and services, and it’s making my head swim, and…I had to do all of this in the company of 4 stir-crazy children indoors all day for a rainy morning and cold afternoon.
I need to get back to the office, so I can get some work done. And I need to get away from the crazy holiday eating before I completely undo all the work I achieved during the fast. Time to clean it up. The plan was to start a mini-fast this month before we go away to Hawaii. I wonder if I’ll go through with it. I’d have to start sunday, if I do. Hmm. talk to me tomorrow.
Speaking of tomorrow, we pack up and head home tomorrow, so I’m gonna hit the hay now. And looks like I’ll even make it in before midnight. Yay!
Breaking news – one of the few meaderies that I consider to be anything close to a competitor just moved in to Point Reyes Station (where I want to have *my* meadery), and to me, this is a good thing. The more we can raise mead consciousness, the more we might be able to fenagle a napa-west Mead culture along the coast on Highway 1. I’m going to visit Cowgirl Creamery in a few weeks to give the manager a taste of our product line. I hope he likes it enough to sell some in the store.

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