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Fasting Day 15 (SuckFest Weekend)

So, the fast is going well, although I’m at another set point and haven’t moved from 234 in a few days. Tonight I cooked dinner for Julie and her parents for Father’s day, and it was an interesting experience. This is the first time I’ve cooked dinner for anyone where I haven’t actually partook of the meal as well. Shades of what a chef must feel like. It was nice.
But that’s not the complaint. The reason this has been a suckfest weekend, is for several reasons:
1) Julie’s computer died on Saturday and we were forced to buy a new one (repairs would take too long and would basically shut down her ability to do work on our business. There is no question.) $2600 gone.
2) Tomo, our dog, has developed some nasty stomach twist or inversion (http://www.healthypet.com/library_view.aspx?ID=30&sid=1) that cost roughly $2000 to diagnose, and is going to cost us another $4500 to fix. They have to do surgery, and hopefully it all works out okay. Last night she was puking all night long, and in terrible pain. We took her into the pet emergency hospital, and are now deciding to either have the hospital do the surgery, or our regular vet. We’re going to try to wait until the morning and talk to our vet, unless the hospital calls us back and tells us we can’t wait any longer.
So we’ve blown roughly $10k this weekend, and at a time where we’re hemorrhaging money due to starting up several businesses. Ugh. I guess that’s why we have home equity lines of credit (while they still work). But, the Universe takes care of her own, and money comes easily and frequently to us (positive mantra), so we’ll just have to hustle a bit more, and we’ll make up for it.
Right? Right?

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