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Fasting Day 11

This morning is day 11, and I’m down to 238. Broke through the set point, and I’m on the descent into the next weight class. Every day I’m feeling healthier and much smaller in myself, although I’m still pretty big. It’s like freedom not having to put out so much physical effort to do physical things. A drop in 27 pounds has been a great burden off of my heart and lungs, as well as my muscles. I’m walking much more easily, without being winded, and my blood pressure and pulse continue to drop. I can safely say that if I ever get to 240 again, that’s DEFCON 5 and signs for emergency intervention. I should never get as high as 265 – that’s just plain dangerous. I am definitely starting to become aware of the differences between my body feeling hungry, and my stomach feeling hungry, and my mind feeling hungry. I am dropping weight fast, so there is no denying that my body is ‘hungry’ – it’s consuming itself instead of external fuel (though I have to report no feeling of ‘weakness’, just a sense that my body wishes it had external fuel, instead of working on its own reserves). That’s the desired effect, and I have to come to a peace with that while it’s happening, or else it will break my resolve. Luckily, my mind is feeling absolutely fine in terms of functioning and clarity, so I don’t have any of the symptoms of starvation that affect consciousness. Also, my stomach is never growly, grumbly, or knotted – it’s functionally asleep, along with the rest of my digestive system. It’s funny, in our normal every-day world, these bits are all intermingled, and it’s hard to differentiate between them. When you’re fasting intelligently, however, you fulfill the needs of certain systems while denying others, and they come apart into their separate functioning units right before your eyes. If you move outside of your conditioned responses and become observant, you start to notice all sorts of fascinating things.
As for the day, usually mornings are easiest, as I’ve purged a lot of toxins out of my system, and my energy level is high and my alertness is high. Into the afternoon, I can feel the toxins build up again and threaten to reabsorb into my tissues, and my alertness starts to stagger a bit. Usually I pick back up into the evening, but again all of those normal shifts in biorhythms have been masked for years by habitual coffee drinking, so I’m re-learning how to be with my natural state. In general, I find my concentration more steady, and my mood even. The up-and-down stress of stimulants can really put you out of touch with yourself, and you live in a general haze that’s only alleviated somewhat with regular dosing of your drug. What a bummer to realize that your favorite drug is putting you in a stupor. 🙂
Okay, off to do my morning ritual. I’ll keep checking in. Oh, also, walked 2.2 miles yesterday without a struggle. Not sure I could have done that a few weeks ago.

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