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Up through Fasting Day Nine

I’ve been on a plateau over the last few days as far as weight loss has gone (hit a set point), but this morning I spilled over and dropped to 240. I’ve pretty much naturalized into the fast, and last night I started having some insights around philosophical issues that I haven’t been available to in recent times. Energy levels are good (still getting used to not being driven forward with caffeine and listening to my natural call of sleep and rest) and purging all sorts of toxins. The morning ‘cleansings’ are becoming more and more essential, as I can feel the build-up over the nighttime in the morning. Waited a little too long this morning, and I think some of the toxins started to re-absorb into my system, making me feel oogie. My mouth is bored of the fast, I have to say. There’s just no joy in apple juice and veggie broth. I have to live vicariously in the smells of the foods around me, and quietly sigh within. *sigh*. 🙂 But, I am having lots of fun feeling myself in my new weight zone. It’s still way more than I want to carry on me, but I already feel lighter and more able to do aerobic exercise without huffing and puffing. twenty more pounds, and I’ll be feeling even better.
but, speaking of that lack of caffeine to drive me, it’s nearly 11pm and I’m in need of sleep. I’ve pushed the envelope too much over the last few days (4-6 hrs sleep), and it’s catching up with me. So, ttfn and I’ll report on the other side of double digit fast days tomorrow.

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