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Fasting Day Five and Six

Weighed in today at 242 lbs, and feeling good, but my body is definitely pushing out more toxins and I’m waking up with a mouth full of ick every day. All part of the program. I am finding that my senses are much more acute (sight, smells, etc.) and I’m definitely feeling more in my body these days. I still have some desire to eat what is around me, but it’s not a body desire – my mind just likes the smells I’m smelling, and would love to taste them. But, I’m keeping myself occupied with other things and the desires go away. I’m happy to be on the lower end of this weight class, but I’m looking forward to jumping back down below 220 – that’s decent for me (not best, but it’s at the top of the next weight class). My goal for the fast is to drop below 200, and my ultimate goal for my body and health is to be between 160-180lbs, depending on my muscle mass at the time. I weighed 180 in high school, but I know even then I was carrying more weight than I needed. 160 would be fighting trim, and I won’t be able to maintain that weight without consistent exercise and relatively restricted diet. We’ll see when I get closer what my body and mind want to do. Right now, I focus on 200.

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