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Fasting Day Three and Four

Starting day four, weighed in at 245. Yesterday I had a little bit of ‘ghost hunger’ – when you look at food and kinda want it, but my body’s digestive system is practically shut down at this point, and didn’t physiologically respond (no grumbles). It’s all a mental thing, and easy to get over if you don’t focus on it. I’m starting to feel the toxins release from my cellular tissue in earnest now, with waves of blech and a heavy coating on the tongue in the morning, but I’m simultaneously feeling my consciousness clear, and my alertness is higher even unassisted by caffeine. I’m starting to get the ‘you look great’ comments from people that I haven’t told about the fast, and that’s always excellent positive reinforcement. Also, my energy level is high and level, which is awesome. All that energy usually spent eating and digesting, and the peaks and troughs of blood sugar are gone, and now it’s just me. My inner sense of well-being is strong, and I’m very present in my body. That’s all to report from the field so far.
In other news, save the date for June 28th & 29th, as Beowulf Mead will be debuting at its own booth at the San Anselmo Art and Wine festival, in San Anselmo. http://www.sananselmochamber.org/artfestival.fsp. This will be my debut to the public, and you won’t want to miss it.

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