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Fasting Day Two

Starting day two today, weighed in at 249, and feeling great. No hunger and no feelings of weakness – just awake body and awake mind. This is a good thing, because I need to get back to business. Last week was rough with the detoxing off of coffee addiction, and I need to power through and take it forward. One report, yesterday at the end of the day, I definitely felt myself under the affects of toxic release, so the enemas are really going to be imperative for cleaning out the system. My mind still think on food from time to time, but it’s not something that is going to be an issue – just early in the fast, and making food for my family puts me in contact with things I like to eat. However, I survived the weekend with its barbecue and ice cream cake, so I think I’m gonna be okay. Barbecue is hard for me, because it’s really my favorite meal, but it’s also what got me where I am now so I have to change my relationship to it. Mostly I need to move my eating patterns from festival foods all the time, to just festival foods for festivals. I have to work up a regular diet plan that keeps my caloric count down, and my glycemic index low. But I don’t have to start obsessing on diet just yet – I have another 59 days of fasting to go (including today).

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