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Fasting Day One

Today’s the first day of my actual fast, and all the joys of the morning ritual have descended upon me. Colonic cleanse, alkaline broth, cold showers… it’s actually not all that bad. I’m away on a family weekend at my brother-in-law’s house, and I’m typing away while the family finishes breakfast, and feeling quite serene. I forgot about the extra time you can generate by not having to sit at the meal table, though it may be socially awkward. As for hunger, so far so good – no feelings of cravings even in the presence of cooking bacon scents. It allows you to reflect on the food that you usually so unconsciously put into your body – I love bacon, but it always leaves me feeling like I’ve dumped crude oil into my body. I’m starting to see foods like that as a food form of smoking or drinking – makes you feel momentarily good, but ultimately hurts you. I’ve quit smoking years ago and I’ve never been a heavy drinker. I probably could quit bacon, or at least severely curtail it. My biggest issue over the last few years is, I haven’t refused myself any craving, and that’s what’s put me up over 265 at my largest, and suffering from organ dis-ease. As for weight, I haven’t checked today because I’m not on my home scale, and it’ll not be consistent, but I’m feeling cleaner and clearer, and on a path of healing. I think there’s a difference in my mental state this time around with the fast that wasn’t necessarily there in the past. Maybe it’s my age and experience, maybe it’s the news that I *have* to lose weight or else, or maybe it’s just my commitment-engagement in my life these days, but I am having no issues at all with entering into the fast like I have in the past. This is really way easier than it sounds like, folks. It all comes down to commitment. The body behaves itself just fine – it’s the mind that’s the issue.

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