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Hunger and Widthdrawal

Today is the morning of Transition-2, and all I can register on the consciousness is HEADACHE. Yes, it is that dreaded condition called caffeine withdrawal. I’m sitting here trying to clear my head for the day, and it’s not working, not even with two Tylenol in my system already. That’s going to be my day, I’m afraid. It’s always better after I quit, and I get all sorts of nice things out of the bargain, like being in a good mood all the time, and not having to feed the monkey, but right now I’m in the thick of the pain.
Yesterday was all about hunger. Some might think that the hardest day of a fast is the first day you go off solid food, but the truth is, the hardest day (unless you are already a vegan) is when you cut out all foods except raw fruits and veggies. Constrained timing on the meals, and constrained contents is a hard concept for a body that is used to getting fed whatever it wants, whenever it wants. I’m not a person that is philosophically big on denial, and that’s probably why I am in the shape that I am in right now. I went shopping yesterday at Whole Foods, and found myself avoiding my normal snack and feed locations in favor of a lingered dwelling in the produce section. Man, it’s hard to pass up the sushi and the cheeses. It’s one thing to be hungry for something and know you can have it, and quite another to know it’s off limits. In some ways it makes it easier, but when you have the money in hand and the ability to buy it immediately… not so easy.
For the record, I weighed in at 256 this morning. I’ll keep a regular count, just to report on my progress.
Right now, I’m off for my morning walk and to try and shake off my withdrawal headache.

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