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Live as we know it

Well it’s been over a month since I have last given myself a moment to write here and even now I am only stealing a few minutes while I wait with the kids in the car in the Trader Joe’s parking lot while Julie replenishes our bread and pasta supplies after Pesach. Much has happened and while I won’t detail everything, I will just say a few things:
1) work has been very busy and I have been pushing 12 to 14 hour days consistently as well as putting in hours on the weekends. We have hired a friend to do part-time admin and that is helping, but ultimately we need to staff up with a few web professionals so that julie and I aren’t hacking html or editing graphics ever again.
2) Friday I passed another kidney stone. I spent the better part of the day in the ER and finally passed the 2mm stone from my kidney around 3 pm into my bladder and then from by my bladder on saturday at 5pm.
3) about a week ago I put up my first 40 gallons of mead at the winery and look to put up another 40 gallons in the next few weeks.
4) on Saturday I spent the weekend getting certified as a cub scout leader to take kids out on campouts and I have had a deepening of my commitment to the scouting program, despite all of its warts.
Today we all went to a Giants game and soon this evening I will be attending the symphony with julia to listen to Carmina Burana.
News at 11.

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