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Jumping Off a Cliff

19 February 2008

Hello my good friends. Where do I start. So many things have happened to me over the last few days, weeks, and months that I haven’t been able to blog about because of the compromising position it could have possibly put myself into, but now I’ve jumped off the proverbial cliff, so in my free-fall, I can describe what my life has been like beneath the covers.
It all started last year, when Julie decided to take a job with Live Out Loud, a financial education company run by Laural Langemeier. Okay, that’s not exactly true. Really, it began several years ago, when Matt, John and I were the ascerbic trio working for the CDL, coming to realize the lunacy of the bureaucratic engine we were involved with, and comparisons to Atlas Shrugged were made. We often talked about drawing a dollar sign on the wall and moving to Colorado. But back to Live Out Loud – Julie and I began to learn and internalize the ethics of being self-determined and creating our own wealth cycles. We went to several workshops, read lots of materials, listened to the audiobooks, and worked through the programs, and we both new we were on a new road. We decided to start our own business, and in August we incorporated as Archer Web Solutions, LLC. Since then we’ve began working days at our day jobs, and working nights, and finally in November Julie took the plunge and went full-time at AWS, while I kept at the grind and did the 12 hour split days and working weekends, the lifestyle was slowly wearing me down. I knew that it was just a matter of time before I took the plunge and left my job to make the company work. What has been holding me back has been a) wanting to make sure the company was making enough to offset my lost wages, and b) I was frightened of losing my health insurance. But the truth is, while we’re not pulling in the same amount of cash that I make at the CDL, if I were to focus on our business, we could be making much more, and the universe keeps giving me signs that it’s time to take the plunge.
So today, I talked to my boss and told him my situation, and suggested some possible working arrangements. Either I can work 20 hours a week, with benefits, but I’d need to be able to set my own hours and not have to come into the office, -or- I can work on contract for a per hour or per job bid, …or I walk. I’m done being afraid, and I’m done putting stumbling blocks in front of my own success. Needless to say, my boss was a little shocked, and didn’t have an answer for me today. I asked for an answer within a week. The thing is, even if he decides that he can’t make part time or contracting work for him, I’m fine. I just need to know so I can make plans, but I’m confident we can make it work. Success goes to the courageous, and I am being courageous. Ironically my Sonoma State keychain that I keep all my work keys on broke today in my hands while I was talking with Lou about quitting. Another neon sign from the universe.
So here I am, ready to launch into the world. I’ve jumped off the cliff with the faith that the net will appear. Wish me luck.
Tomorrow I’ll tell you about my mead successes :).

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