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Things moving closer to completion…

27 October 2007

Hello everyone. Remember me? I’m the guy who used to talk to you every now and again, and it appears for the last few months that I’ve just all but dropped off the face of the planet. Well, that’s not true, though it’s been a busy time for me. Some of the things to top my list:

1) I’ve just completed conversion to Judaism in September, and while you might think this reduces my workload, it only increases it, as I’m learning Hebrew and becoming involved with more and more of the community. For example, I’m now on the religious school board.

2) Julie and I have been starting a business since August, and have several clients, more prospects, and no limit of the work we’re not managing to get done. This is on top of my straddling my day job, leaving me with little time to do anything but work, eat, sleep or poop. It’s amazing I’m allowing myself to even write this blog entry.

3) Today I just racked off 40 gallons of mead into secondary fermenters and let me tell you, my back is killing me. I did get to sample the wares, however, and things are looking very very good. Coming to a wine glass near you in 3 to 6 months.

4) Struggling with Movable Type 4 to get back all the functionality I knew and loved on MT3. Upgrades are good, right?

5) Just got Leopard and I’m installing it on all the computers one by one. 

6) our TV is hung and our fireplace is done. Only a little touch-up painting and trim remains. We’ve burned two fires in the last three days, and it’s really nice. Come visit us and see.

Tired is the operative word. I should sleep but I can’t. 
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