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Good Reads

Recently I’ve been invited to the newest of the web 2.0 social networking interest sites, goodreads.com, which creates a network of book readers and the books that they’ve read. You can rank the books, give them ratings, and look at what others who like the books that you like are also reading. It’s currently free and ad-free (other than links below the books to get to online providers in order to buy them — great revenue model), and is quite interesting. It appears to be just exploding with data, and I’m getting daily updates from all of my friends. I have to admit I haven’t dived in yet and reviewed my entire book case, but that’s only because I’ve been so busy with other (entrepreneurial) interests. Last night, however, I think I saw the site start to hiccup a bit from the load placed on it by the users. Functions started failing a bit, and I expect they’re experiencing growing pains from their own success.
In any case, check them out and add me as your friend. I’d love to share the world of reading with you.

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