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Promised Memes deferred and delayed…

Remember this meme I posted over a month ago?

  • Tell you why I friended you.
  • Associate you with a song/film.
  • Tell a random fact about you.
  • Tell a first memory about you.
  • Associate you with a character/pairing.
  • Ask something I’ve always wanted to know about you.
  • Tell you my favorite user pic of yours [if it pertains].
  • In retort, you must spread this disease in your LJ [or blog].

    Okay… I am *finally* getting back to some of you all on this. Ugh. the time goes somewhere I do not know. These are in order of request:
    1. I friended you because you were flirty, irreverrant, and you danced with me in the aisle during ‘Scent of a Woman’. So hot.
    2. Debbie Does Dallas?
    3. Random Fact: Lisa is a real fully-certified psychic. It’s scary. Watch her, she will blow your mind.
    4. First memory: meeting you at your house, Bert brought me over. I instantly fell in love with you. You were cute, sassy, and willing to take risks. You reminded me of myself, which was the perfect ingredient for my narcissism at age 17.
    5. [This is my least favorite question in the group, I really have to say] Let’s go for a pairing. How about champaigne and pink kitty?
    6. Again, I feel our friendship is such that I can (and do) ask you anything I want to know.
    7. N/A (tho I love the picture on your blog)
    8. Your turn, if you want.
    1. I friended you because you were one of the only ‘cool’ folk working with me at the time, and you reminded me a lot of myself (again, with the narcissism!)
    2. Revenge of the Ninja
    3. Random Fact: Matt has a massive controller for a mech game that would blow your mind… and I’ve still never played the game!
    4. First Memory: Those early days at the CDL are a blur, but I remember sharing a wall and laughing like crazy all the time. Those were the days.
    5. Ask a Ninja
    6. Again, if I want to know, I’ll just ask you.
    7. N/A (*do* you have a livejournal account?!)
    8. ditto
    1. I friended you because you were beautiful, smart and didn’t play any silly girl games. Plus, you pet my hair at faire and I just love that.
    2. True Companion
    3. Random Fact: Julie has the most extensive science fiction and fantasy paperback collection that I have EVER seen.
    4. First Memory: I remember sitting at Ren Faire, at one of the tables in the guild yard, and hearing this woman talk about her sociology program at UCSB, and I remember thinking ‘what an interesting and intelligent woman’. I turned around to see who was talking, and there was this HOT woman. I knew I had to get to know her.
    5. What pairing? Why the perfect pairing, me and you!
    6. Again, I’ll just ask you if I want to know something.
    7. I like your super-turkey photo the best!
    8. Do me, baby!
    Emily (did you formally ask me to meme you?)

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