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World of Warcrack

…So I finally succumbed to the evil demon which is MMPORPG’s and started up World of Warcraft, only because a bunch of my close friends and gaming buddies decided it’d be fun if we play on Tuesday nights. Today (Wednesday) I picked up the game, and after an excruciating 3-4 hour install procedure, I finally got online around 10 pm and played until just minutes ago (2 am). I can already see the danger involved with this game, and need to heavily monitor my online time. Once or maybe twice a week tops. But I am telling you, I totally see why this is so very popular. The game is very well done, and the game play is easy to get the hang of. It would be so very easy to just spend hours and hours playing this game, but what’s nice is the game play is only so interesting (and effective) as a single player — the adventures are better handled with a party. And besides, it’s the witty banter that makes it all worthwhile. Tonight I got a major boost to 7th level by hanging out with my friends’ high level dudes who would prop me up and heal me when I got close to death, and helped hack and slash the enemy when it was too tough or when it was irrelevant to the experience gained by finishing the adventure. I think on my own this would be a totally different story. I did manage to die once tonight while screwing around on my own and found out how that whole mechanism works. You end up in a graveyard and you have to run back to your body. Pretty funny concept, actually.

I kept myself from this game for a long time, knowing the possibility for ruin it contained, but actually I think I feel pretty good about playing tonight, and I’m glad I finally know what this looks like from the inside. I wonder how long it will keep my attention.

So I’m off to bed (finally) and fighting a cold/flu too, which makes this a real stupid thing to do when I’m sick, but when have I ever listened to reason when I’m having fun?

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