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We Are The D (we are the D) We Are The D (we are the D)

21 November 2006

Last night’s concert was freakin’ incredible.

If you ignore the opener, Neil Hamburger, who was pretty much a waste of space (and yes I realize he’s an invention and is an avant-guarde intellectual joke, but it was so bad it was boring), the beginning of the show opened up with a curtain on a mock living room, with Kyle and Jack asleep on the couch, under a Transformers comforter, a poster of Dio’s Holy Diver album displayed proudly on the wall, an old white fridge and tv with vcr complete the scene. The audience wakes up the Tenacious duo, and they rise to start rocking. The entire show proceeded much like a SNL skit, or extended music video, creating a quirky and humorous rock opera right on stage. The basic narrative charted the day of the D, complete with visitor and friend Lee, and the fatal use of an electric guitar made of a toilet seat and extension cord, clearly assembled by a crack head that sends Kyle and Jack to hell, where after they orient themselves form a rock band with the Antichrist on lead electric guitar, Charlie Chaplain on bass, and Colonel Sanders on drums. At this point the stage begins to rock in a way the D have not done up until now during their concerts. They have a series of serious metal standards, dance while high on shrooms with a giant magic mushroom, and finally have a rock duel with Satan himself.

The musical tunes were awesome, and on more than one occasion, the duo payed homage to classic rock tunes, such as Flash Gordon by Queen, Fame by Bowie, and Pinball Wizard / Tommy by The Who. There is no doubt that the concert is to be seen as a rock opera in and of itself, with echoing tones of Jesus Christ Super Star and Stairway to Heaven to be found in the music and themes. From hippy balads to death metal, the D put on a tremendous show, and for Jack Black or Tenacious D concerts, this was one not to miss.

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