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Age and neglect has caught up with my enamel

16 November 2006

I went in today to the dentist for my regular cleaning, and they’ve discovered several spots in my molars that need to be filled, but on one side in the back they’re going to have to give me a crown of some sort. I’ve lived my entire life with practically no cavities, and I’ve never had to have dental work done that required numbing other than my root canal on my front tooth when I was 15, but that was while my mouth was already in trauma (someone forearmed me in the mouth in PE, causing me to bite through my lip and knocked my front tooth loose).

This is gonna suck. Now I get to experience what everyone else experiences with the dentist, with crazy shit digging into my mouth and holding it open with clamps and stretching my lips wide, etc. etc. *sigh*. Well, I guess I should count myself lucky that I’ve gone 34 years without having to deal with that sort of work, and hopefully this is all to prevent worse consequences later, right?

Sometime last year I read something about the Japanese figuring out a way to regrow teeth with ultraviolet light pulses. Sign me up for that one. Just pull the tooth and let’s make a new one. Oh yeah, that’s still experimental science, isn’t it?

A week from Tuesday the do the deed.

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