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I love gaming

13 November 2006

Tonight, Allean Dathsar, a rebel alliance operative trained in the ways of the force and in deep deep cover walked the underbelly of Coruscant in the age of the Empire, did battle with foul and unclean monsters and works to save his friends during their mission to retrieve data critical to the survival of the alliance, while knowing fully that the Emperor has become aware of his presence on the planet, and can be assumed to be tracking him down with his dark-side agents.
Totally awesome.
The activity of being able to inhabit another personality for a few hours in an evening and work within an imaginary world towards goals and rewards one could not expect to see in this lifetime is truly a gift. It feeds my soul, and keeps me young. That, and it allows me to exercise parts of my psyche that normally has to hide deep beneath repression, and allows me to struggle with moral ambiguities in ways I dare not in my everyday life. I learn to be a better person by being other people in other situations. It builds empathy as well as building life skills.

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