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7 November 2006

I stayed up late to find out results on elections and local measures, and all I got was a handful of disappointments and inconclusive results. Looks like the train didn’t pass. I bet a better concentrated advertising campaign would have helped. Oh well, I knew it was a pipe dream. That, and the energy bill that really should have passed, looks like it probably won’t.

I’m starting to feel guilty that I didn’t join one of these phone parties and called up everyone in the known universe to bug the shit out of them to go vote and to vote with real information. But everyone knows that we avoid those phone calls like the plague, and we never listen to the pre-recorded ones. I just delete them.

I guess I should be happy with the probable win of the house. I was hoping for the house + senate, but I don’t see that happening at this point. I still have my skepticism around the validity of the vote, but that problem will likely never be addressed, or not until the Repubs rake us over the coals in the 2008 election… again.

Feh. I need to let go of this and move on with my life. I am so disappointed on the the train measure.

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