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Election Anticipations

6 November 2006

So I finally buckled down tonight and reviewed the issues one last time and pretty much I just want it all to be over and hopefully we’ll win a Democratic victory in congress, but we just won’t know until after all the Diebolt machines come in and the hackers have fixed the vote, but it’d be nice if a few things pass. Of course I’ve voted almost all Democratic except in the case of Bustomante, who I never liked and so I’m voting for Poizner instead. But the candidates are boring. Most of the measures I’m kinda bored with too, but for the record:

1A – Yes

1B – No

1C – No

1D – Yes

1E – No

83 – No (this is not a well-written or well-thought-out bill)

84 – Yes

85 – No (dude, I can’t even imagine the damage this would do if it passes)

86 – Yes (sorry, smokers, but you know it’s killing you)

87 – YES (we need to set an example for the nation)

88 – No (good motivation, bad bill)

89 – Yes (we need all the reform we can get)

90 – No (as much as I’d like to support fairness, this damages the ability to protect open space)

The one that I really REALLY want to pass is R for the SMART train between Larkspur and Cloverdale. The north bay needs a traffic solution, and the train is the right plan. Unfortunately, it’s not popular with Marin voters, but it’s a well thought-out plan, and could solve a lot of our problems in a short time span.

yeah. voting. bleargh. I just don’t trust the process, so it’s hard for me to get overly excited.

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