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Happy Birthday Dad

4 November 2006

Although my father’s birthday is actually Sunday, we invited him and mom and my sister and brother-in-law over tonight for a family celebration. I splurged and bought a prime rib roast, and we had lots of wine and beer and decadent chocolate cake — it was indulgence. My father had a great time, talking cars with Quinn, and generally soaking in the love of his kids and greater family. He didn’t spend as much time engaging with his grandkids as I would have hoped, and Eli felt a particular pang of being ignored tonight — poor kid. I wanted to tell him that his bobba didn’t really pay all that much attention to me when I was his age either so don’t feel that bad — he just doesn’t get kids. Ah well, maybe next time he’ll connect more.

Anyhow, it’s late, and I want to get some sleep. See you all tomorrow.

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